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Big Bird Rescue Report!

It’s been a busy start to the year for RSPCA inspector Stephanie, who amongst other cases recently responded to two different reports of large birds in need of help within the North Wilts area. The first of which, a large Buzzard was collected from Supermarine Rugby club back in January.

Steph tells us “It was a Sunday and the rugby club were having a match. A spectator noticed the bird off the side line hopping about unable to take off. He approached the bird and it just sat there so he knew something wasn’t right and called us. I caught the bird, checked it over and could see it’s right wing wasn’t laying right so transferred the bird to Oak & Furrows wildlife rescue to recover.”

Not long after that incident Steph was called out to another report from a lady who’d found a surprise visitor in her garden;
“The swan had crashed landed into a neighbours garden in Wichelstowe. She’d looked out of her bedroom window after hearing an odd noise and saw the swan sat on the small lawn. The garden was the size of a postage stamp so there was no way the bird would have been able to take flight. I picked the swan up and checked it over for any injuries which there were none but transferred it to the Swan Sanctuary for a days rest before it was re released to the wild.”

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