frosty cat 2

Brave Little Frosty

Before Christmas RSPCA North Wilts responded to a call about this little chap who was found in a very poorly state with a badly broken leg. Aptly named Frosty, having been found in the snow, cold and frightened, he was rushed to the vets who, after examining his leg declared it beyond repair. Frosty’s leg required amputation but given his weak state he first required a period of rest and TLC which he received when one of the vet nurses from the centre kindly took him home for Christmas.

The leg has since been amputated, at a cost of £300 to the Branch. Since the surgery Frosty is doing well, he has been transferred to Bath Cats and Dogs home by Inspector Steph Daly where he will convalesce for a while and then go up for adoption. The charity relies on the continued support and generosity of people like you to continue the vital work we do helping animals in need like Frosty. Please support us now by making a donation or by setting up regular giving here on our website, thank you.


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