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Chippenham Shop

Chippenham is a small market town where we get lots of wonderful, devoted customers regularly visiting our shop. Many people comment on our window displays and praise us as being their favourite shop in town! The shop building has a diverse history, having previously housed a jewellery store and more recently a giant party store before our charity shop opened. The town plays host to weekly markets and many annual events throughout the year. A highlight for the team at our Chippenham shop is the annual Folk Festival during which time the shop stays open for four days to welcome the dedicated crowd of annual visitors. We display specially selected items that we have collected throughout the year that we know will be of interest to the folk festival goers.

The shop is managed by Tracey who does a wonderful job along with our new assistant manager Wendy. We have an amazing team of volunteers at the shop, led by our dedicated volunteer manager Sandra. Sandra has been with us for over 5 years and is a highly valued member of the team. Some of our volunteers are retired people, we have a married couple here and some young students who help out too. We have Dulce who is the Champion Steamer and Ray our electronics and toy specialist who is in his 80’s. Another very special member of our team is Mr Hunt who has been fixing clocks and watches since he was 13 years old.

Please do come in and visit next time you’re in town.

Chippenham Shop

13 The Bridge



SN15 1HA

Tel: 01249 651 477