Dog training Q&A with Richard Grant

RSPCA North Wiltshire welcomes you to a dog training Q&A where trainer & behaviourist Richard Grant will talk about common challenges such as;

No recall
Jumping up
Barking/attention seeking
Pulling on a lead
House training

There will also be an opportunity for anyone attending to ask about specific training/behaviour issues they may be having with their four legged friends.

Richard Grant is a fully qualified dog trainer & behaviourist. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, one of the United Kingdom’s leading positive reinforcement-based puppy and dog training organisations. Richard has over 30 yrs experience working with puppies, dogs and their owners to implement positive and life enhancing change.

“We are guardians of animals, not their owners”
-This sentiment is at the heart of Richard’s training philosophy. For more info on Richard’s work visit:

This is a free event with everyone welcome, no dogs allowed on the day.

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