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A running event last Sunday in aid of local RSPCA branch saw over 70 competitors battle it out to see who could go the distance to be crowned the “Last One Running”. The race required runners to complete a two mile loop of Lydiard Park over and over with time allowed for each lap reduced by one minute each time, in knock-out, bleep test style! There was a great calibre of entrants on the day, from leisure joggers to local club members and some serious marathon runners, all keen to test their limits.

Lap number ten saw Corinne Clark take the win for the females, being the only lady remaining within the time at that point, she very impressively went on to do another lap completing 22 miles in total. It was a nail biting finish to determine the male winner. The crowd watched on tensely at lap number thirteen to see whether the remaining two runners would both make it within the 13 minute time limit. Both were over the line after 26 miles with moments to spare, making it a race finish on lap number fourteen where Fred Marlin crossed the line first to take the winning male title having completed an incredible 28 miles.

Race organiser and spokesperson for RSPCA North Wiltshire Katie North tells us “We were absolutely delighted with how the day went, everyone seemed to really enjoy it and the feedback we got was resoundingly positive. It’s definitely an event we’ll put on again in the future.”

The event raised over £1200, with all funds going towards helping animals in need in the local area. The race was sponsored by Enterprise Works Swindon who kindly provided the £100 cash prize for each winner. Katie says “We can’t thank everyone enough, our sponsors, volunteers, our wonderful race MC Damian from local entertainment company Totally Crazy, Tamara Howard Sports Massage, and everyone else who helped make the day a success”

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