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Essential Animal First Aid – A Series of Talks

Over the coming months RSPCA North Wilts will be hosting a series of first aid talks in various locations throughout North Wiltshire, beginning next month in Chippenham. The evening talks are designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to administer basic first aid, and to teach them what to do in the case of pet life threatening situations.

The talks will be facilitated by Chris Laurence, former Chief Veterinary Officer for the RSPCA. Chris explains “It is always a real tragedy to encounter animals who succumb to an accidental death, and a very stressful and painful time for owners. We have designed these talks to equip pet owners and anyone working with animals with the knowledge of how to respond in an emergency situation. We aim to empower participants with the confidence in how to best react and to minimise risks in serious and potentially life threatening situations.”

The evening talks will teach participants some basic anatomy to enable them to understand the principles of first aid for their pet. It will also cover what to do in common emergencies such as bleeding, cuts and poisonings. “Knowledge of basic first aid is invaluable for anyone that owns or works with animals, we highly recommend these talks to all pet owners, pet sitters and groomers as well as emergency medical technicians who may encounter pets while responding to fires and other emergency situations,” says Chris.

The first in the series of talks will be held on Monday September 17th at the Rotary Club Hall, Chippenham. It will commence at 6.30pm and will run until around 9pm.Tickets cost £10 with limited spaces available. For information on other dates and locations or to book a place please email

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