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Are you up for a different sort of running challenge? Test your pacing, stamina and finally speed with this knockout style race that suits all levels of runners from leisurely weekend joggers to marathon veterans!

Sunday 19th August, Lydiard Park Swindon.


Runners will have 25 minutes to complete the 1st 2 mile loop, finishing in the holding area. All runners back within 25mins will continue, the next loop will start at 11:55 and must be completed in 24mins. Any runner not finished inside the time limit will be disqualified.

The time will be reduced by one minute for every loop until there is only one runner at the start line, this runner will be the last one running!

Men and women will not compete against each other, separate prizes will be awarded for last male running and last female running.

If we have two or more competitors remaining who all finish outside the allotted time for that loop the winner will be the one who finishes that loop first.

This race is not about being the fastest! Remember at the start of each loop all surviving runners are on an equal standing.

This is an event that suits all level of runners from 5k park runners all the way to Marathon and Ultra runners. Pacing is everything!

Do you have what it takes to be The Last One Running for RSPCA North Wilts?!

Regular entry costs £18, with limited time Early Bird entry of £14 available now at


The run will begin at 11.30am sharp. Registration on the day will be open from 10.00 – 11.15. There will be a short race brief and group warm up in the holding area at 11.15.

All online entrants will receive a sponsorship envelope and are asked to try and raise a minimum of £20 for RSPCA North Wilts. A prize will be awarded to the person who raises the most funds.

There will be a bag drop section within the holding area where you can keep a small bag with water, snacks/gels etc. to access during the race.

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