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Listening & Leadership An Evening of Talks

Are you a horse or dog owner?

Have you ever noticed how your animal reacts differently to you if you’re stressed or having a bad day?

Do you long for a harmonious relationship with your animal built on partnership and cooperation?

Do you struggle to solve obedience or emotional difficulties with the animals in your life?

Or maybe you’re simply interested in animal behaviour, how animals react to their environment, how they communicate and the underlying mental processes that influence them?

If so, we invite you to join us for what promises to be a valuable, stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable evening of talks, discussion and networking.

Animals are acutely attuned energetically, how they respond to us and the behaviours they display are reflective of the state we are in physically, mentally and energetically. Pack and herd animals instinctively require a leader and will often display anxious or unwanted behaviour in the absence of a calm, assertive presence.

“Listening & Leadership” An Evening of Talks will explore leadership values, sensitivity & intuition, and some of the non verbal communication techniques that can be used to enhance our interactions and improve & deepen our connection with the animals in our lives. The methods described will help you to align with your inner calm, providing empowering techniques to help you communicate more authentically, effectively and joyfully with your animal.

Guest speakers include Pam Billinge, horse-led psychotherapist, leadership coach, author and advanced practitioner in natural horsemanship. Pam works with individuals from all walks of life in addition to corporate clients, helping them to authentically connect with their true, essential self and live with purpose, self-belief and joy.

Canine behaviour expert and martial arts practitioner Ken Stronach, whose Zen centred, energy rebalancing techniques have helped countless dogs & their owners live happier lives. By teaching effective pack leadership skills, Ken helps owners to achieve balance and calm. Ken demonstrates the value of patience, persistence and consistency and describes his formula as logical and empowering for both the dog and their owners.

And finally Sarah Wearing, one of only seven 3-Star Parelli Instructors in the UK. She is a qualified coach & mentor and has been around horses from a very young age, competing in dressage, showjumping and eventing. Her traditional riding background prior to Natural Horsemanship means that she has exceptional understanding and empathy in how the Parelli programme can make a huge difference enhancing any horse/ owner relationship.

We are very excited to welcome such wonderful and knowledgeable speakers, whose extensive and laudatory client recommendations attest to their wisdom, kindness and expertise.

The talks will commence at 6pm with a panel Q & A thereafter. There will be intervals with tea, coffee and cakes available on the evening and we will be also be hosting a raffle with lots of fantastic prizes on offer. Tickets are available now with early bird discounts until Feb 16th. Click >>HERE<< for tickets.

This is a charity event with all proceeds going to animal welfare charities RSPCA North Wiltshire and Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land.

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