Pets of the Week

Meet Ziggy, we don’t know very much about his background but on arrival with us Ziggy was very scruffy and looked like he’d been living rough.  Since his time with us he has tidied himself up and is quite a smart looking old chap, well apart from his tummy where his long white fur is brown and still a little tangled, oh yes and he did have a bit of help from our socialisers as well of course!

Ziggy is great character, although he dislikes being contained in the cattery and is definitely the most noisy resident of all of them all. He has a bit of a swagger about him, is always looking for an escape route when he can, and likes a good game when being put back into his pen!

He knows his own mind and can be a little grumpy at times, the odd scratch and bite with little warning is not that unusual for him, although this is more to do with being in the cattery and not able to get outside to explore.

He does have a very affectionate side and really enjoys a fuss, but on his terms!  He loves to play and likes to attack the play feather or fishing rod with some gusto. If someone is happy to take on a bit of a challenge they’ll be extremely well rewarded by all his good points.

Could you give Ziggy the home he deserves?…..

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