RSPCA kitten and bottle

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Over the last few months RSPCA North Wilts has been involved with the trapping & neutering of a feral colony of cats near Hay Lane, Wroughton. The colony had been breeding and was getting larger, concerned local residents had been providing them with food to eat. Reports from those in the area prompted the branch to respond and an initiative to trap and neuter the cats began with the support of fellow animal charity Cats Protection.

To date the branch has spent over £700 on this colony, and with more cats still to treat we desperately need your help. We are appealing to you -by donating just £10 you will be helping us fund this vital project to stop the over breeding of this feral colony.

Pictured above is one of the kittens from the colony who, after being checked over by our area inspector Steph was brought to Bath Cats & Dogs Home for re-homing.

To support our campaign please make a donation to our JustGiving page by following the link below;

Thank you.

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