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Volunteer Coordinator Role Vacancy

RSPCA North Wiltshire is seeking an enthusiastic person to help us to recruit new volunteers, support our existing volunteers, and to expand our community engagement. The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude and good management skills as well as being an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills.

We are seeking someone with a proactive approach to communication who will take responsibility for promoting our volunteering opportunities and recruiting volunteers to support us in delivering our aims and objectives. As this is a voluntary role, it is a flexible, work from home position with really as little or as much time required of the candidate as they are willing to commit.

The Volunteer Coordinator will report to our Fundraising Manager and assist in the organisation and management of a number of fundraising events throughout the year. General duties will also include recruitment of new volunteers and encouraging and assisting others in organising fundraisers on our behalf. Please email with your CV or to request more information.

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