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Supporting Our Branch

There are a number of ways to help...

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Supporting Our Branch

There are a number of ways to help...

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Supporting Our Branch

There are a number of ways to help...


Find out how you can help

Would you like to help our animals? Our volunteers may work directly with the animals or by assisting with vital fundraising work and events here at the center and also around the region in our various charity shops. There are many ways you can get involved; take a look below to see how you can help!


Charity Shop

Charity Shop Assistant

Help out in our numerous charity shops


What will I be doing?

  • Sorting and displaying stock
  • Carrying out till transactions
  • Providing great customer service
  • Helping around the store


What skills do I need?

Previous shops experience is not necessary, but we are looking for people who are:

  • Reliable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Willing to work as part of a team


Who will I be working with?

You will be working alongside other volunteers and our charity shop manager.


How much time will I be expected to give?

You can give as much or as little time as you can spare. A lot of our current volunteers like to have dedicated days and shifts to fit in with other commitments. We are always happy to work with you and your diary, but our main priority is reliability!


I’m interested, what should I do now?

Please call the manager of your local shop; they will be delighted to hear from you!


Become a Warehouse Volunteer

Help with our logistics


Could you help us to raise more money by volunteering in our warehouse? We need help in processing incoming goods, preparing stock for online and in-store sales.


What will I be doing?

  • Sorting goods
  • Preparing stock ready for sale
  • Other general duties


What skills, experience and attributes do I need?

No specific experience required, but we ask all our volunteers are:

  • Reliable
  • Hard working
  • Responsible


Who will I be working with?

You will be working with other volunteers and the warehouse manager.


How much time will I be expected to give?

We ask all warehouse volunteers to commit to a minimum of three hours per shift.


What can I expect from the branch?

All of our volunteers are extremely valuable to us, so you can expect a high level of support from our staff. This is also a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills.


I’m interested, what should I do now?

Please call the manager of your local shop; they will be delighted to hear from you!

Animal Fostering

Help foster an animal in need

It really does help make a difference!



Raising a litter in a cat pen or kennel is incredibly stressful, with little privacy, peace and quiet. Kittens or puppies also need to be with their mother until they are 8 weeks old. During this time a cat pen or kennel could have housed several adult cats/dogs.

Fostering pregnant or nursing cats and dogs in a home helps the animal by relieving stress whilst also helping us to accommodate many other animals in need.


Orphaned Litters

We occasionally have puppies and kittens brought into us, which are not quite old enough to be rehomed, but have been weaned from their mother. Youngsters benefit from being in foster care, as this helps to socialise them with people, day-to-day sounds (e.g. televisions, vacuum cleaners) and possibly other animals.



Some of our animals have been involved in road accidents. Some injuries can be horrific and the animal may need at least 6 weeks cage rest. Foster homes can provide a quiet environment for recuperating cats and dogs.

The most common injuries involve fractures to the legs and pelvis.



Some adult cats and dogs can become stressed by the change of environment. Understandably, moving from a home to cattery/kennels can be a huge source of stress. Stressed animals can change behaviour quickly, resulting in many being overlooked by potential adopters and delaying their chances of finding a new, loving home. It is a vicious circle for these poor individuals, but your help could make a crucial difference.



Elderly cats or dogs are placed into a foster home until a permanent home is found. Many of these animals are in excess of 10 years old, and deserve home from home treatment.


What will it cost you?

No costs are involved as such since all equipment, food and veterinary treatment is provided by the animal home.

The only things we request is spare time, some spare room and some spare love.


I’m interested, what should I do now?

Please call us on 01793 640136, or email us.



…either individually or as a company!


Organise an event in the community; jumble sales, raffle and dress down days can all raise much needed funds for your local RSPCA! If you would like to organise and event, please contact us and we will send you out a fundraising pack. Our dedicated fundraising team will be on hand to offer you any support that you need.

Running a 5k, marathon or something similar? Please consider raising sponsor money for the North Wiltshire RSPCA!

Collection Tins

Organise a collection tin

Each tin can raise nearly £200 a year!


Do you know somewhere that would house one of our collection tins? Many businesses – from local shops to garages – are happy to have charity collection tins on their premises. Each collection tin we have out could raise up to £200 per year, so if you have somewhere in mind please get in touch and we will arrange for a tin to be delivered.

Social Media

Get involved with social media

It really helps to spread the word!


Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. By liking our stories and sharing your own, you are helping us to raise awareness in the local area.

How Your Donations Help

food for animals illustration

Veterinary Fees

Last year we spent over £15,000 in veterinary fees helping local animals. Vet bills can be very costly with many bills running into hundreds of pounds; last year, our average vet bill was over £84 per animal.

RSPCA vaccines illustration

Treatment Costs

£3 could help keep an animal safe and warm

£5 could help towards feeding an animal for a week

£10 could help towards flea treatment

heat and light illustration

Rescue Centre

We are currently saving hard to build a much needed animal welfare centre in the area. Our vision is to provide a sanctuary for rescued animals alongside a rehoming centre, to give them the best possible second chance at life, as well as a veterinary centre which will provide affordable medical care.