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The Aviva Community Fund, a competition which offers charities the chance to get funding for an important cause in their community is now open for 2017. RSPCA North Wilts have entered a project and would love if you could kindly take 5 minutes of your time to register and cast your vote. Voting is open until 21st November and with funding of up to £25,000 on offer to the winning project we’d really appreciate if you could spread the word and get your friends and family vote for us and share our project on social media.


The project we’ve submitted ‘The Empathy Connection’ is a project centred on cultivating compassion in young people by promoting empathy through the human-animal relationship.

RSPCA North Wilts propose to create a project that offers information, training, workshops and materials designed to help teachers, parents, and members of the community realise the importance of empathy and the benefits of teaching children empathy through the human-animal relationship.

Empathy is an important skill, related to success in many areas of development—social, academic, and personal. Learning how to respond empathetically is also the best antidote to violence, bullying, and other unwanted, aggressive behaviours in children. The long term aim of the project will be to increase compassion by creating more caring communities and to create a society where all humans & animals are properly cared for and respected. In the shorter term, the project will benefit the individuals involved by using the human-animal relationship to strengthen empathy, an emotional resource linked to many positive psychological traits such as emotional resilience, increased social competence and pro-social behaviour. From a young age children tend to have a natural affinity with animals. Encouraging them to relate to animals with kindness and compassion will set positive foundations not just for later human-animal interactions but for all inter personal relationships.

Our belief is that by instilling empathy & compassion for all animals, whether wild, domestic or farmed, we can cultivate a sense of kindness, respect and caring for nature and other human beings. By nurturing young peoples innate compassion & empathy, we will work towards creating resilient social-ecological systems where all life is cherished and the well being of our community is strengthened.

Please follow the link to vote for our project, it only takes 5 minutes and every vote counts 🙂

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