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Sign up for the #walk1000miles challenge and raise funds for RSPCA North Wilts in 2018.

#walk1000miles is the free walking challenge for everyone, created by the UK magazine Country Walking, encouraging you to walk a total of 1000 miles in 2018. Believe it or not, you can do it in your lunch hour. We are calling on our charity’s supporters to sign up to the challenge and raise funds for RSPCA North Wilts.
Depending on how you put it, walking 1000 miles sounds like a towering achievement or a trivial effort. It’s enough to see you across the Gobi desert, yet 2.74 miles a day hardly seems worth writing home about. Both things are true. There’s nothing back-breaking or SAS-impressing about it, and yet it’s something only a vanishingly small proportion of the population can say they have done. Last year RSPCA North Wilts spend over £15,000 on veterinary fees helping hundreds of animals in need. Walking does you a power of good – by taking on the challenge for charity you can magnify the good you do and support us in providing vital help to even more animals in 2018. For more info on the challenge follow the link below, for info on how to get involved with fundraising for RSPCA North Wilts email Katie at

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